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    March 22, 2019

    Good Morning Maywood DaVinci,

    Today is Friday, March 22nd.  

    Lunch today is hamburger and oven fries OR hot pocket with salad bar and milk.

    Students in DaVinci quad area - it is absolutely not okay to walk through the rocks out in DaVinci quad. We have noticed that many of you are doing that. Stop immediately. Anyone seen doing so will be given a broom and required to sweep all of the rocks outside of the landscaping areas. Teachers, please pay attention to this and correct students when you see it happening. It is making quite a mess.  Thank you.

    Our make your mark card drawing winner today for hot chocolate with a friend is Ruben Alvarado. Choose a friend and come on up to the office.

     7th and 8th grade CJSF applications are on the wall at the entrance to the gym.  Your completed application along with a copy of your 2nd trimester report card is due to Mr. Mishoe by March 26th.

    The student store will be open today during lunches. Also the Friday Fun day activity today will be tug of war out on the grass as long as it is not raining. 

    Students, this morning our office runner will be coming around to each classroom with a clipboard. We need any students who have purchased replacement ear buds this school year to sign up on the clipboard so we know who already bought them. Please sign your first and last name. 

    Don't forget that your college pennants are due today by the end of the school day when judging will take place. Display them somewhere in your room and the judges will be by to see them. Make sure you know the criteria they will be judged on. 

    6th grade basketball - both black and green girls practice is canceled today.

    An important announcement - Maywood DaVinci students are NOT allowed on Olive View campus after school. You must go around Olive View. Do not cut through and definitely no hanging out. If you ignore this warning you will be given a referral. Please represent Maywood DaVInci well and be mature by staying off the Olive View campus.

    We want to remind all of you that 7th grade received popsicles at lunch because they were the most well behaved class for the month of February with the least number of referrals.  We will be checking this every month so work hard to monitor  your behavior and help your grade level win by not getting referrals.  

     We have no Cougars celebrating birthdays today

    Okay Cougars, have a fantastic day and follow our school rules - responsibility, integrity, safety and courtesy.  

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