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School Information


Regular attendance is directly related to school success!  For every day a student misses school, it takes two days to catch up. Please make every effort to schedule your child’s appointments after school or during holiday breaks. 

California Education Code requires that all students from age 6-18 attend school regularly.  Students with three unexcused absences or three unexcused tardies that are over 30 minutes will be declared truant. Students with excessive amount excused absences, may be required to provide medical verification as to why your child should not be attending school.  All absent students must report to the attendance office for admit slips before returning to class. You have 5 days to clear an absence from when it occurred.

Dress Code

Appropriate School Dress

It is expected that all students at Corning Union Elementary Schools maintain a neat and orderly appearance.  A student's dress and general appearance should not draw undue attention, nor should it detract from or interfere with learning in the classroom or discipline within the school.  For elementary students, it is most important that their clothing be comfortable, safe and appropriate for school.  

  • Shoes: Closed toe and heel shoes such as tennis shoes are required.  Musical and roller shoes are not appropriate for school.
  • Shirts: Shirts which are longer than the pants pockets must be tucked in.
  • Pants: Pants must fit appropriately around the waste.  Sagging is not permitted.
  • Hats: Hats may be worn outside.  They must be worn with the bill in front.
  • Hair: Hair shall be clean and neatly groomed.  Hairstyles that are extreme or distracting such as Mohawks or unnatural colors are not appropriate for school.
  • In general - clothing must fit appropriately, no baggy or over sized clothing.
  • Items not appropriate for school: 
    • ​​Fake Tattoos, dangling earrings, extreme hair styles or long chains, long belts
    • Students may not wear clothing with messages related to tobacco, alcohol, drugs, gangs, racial slurs or of a sexual nature
    • Clothing that is sheer, see-through. . . such that the undergarments may be seen. . . tube tops, halter tops, spaghetti straps, and or any strapless top/dress that reveals the midriff, breasts, shoulders, or back is prohibited. 

Our Expectations of Your Student

All of the core subjects, (English Language/Arts, Mathematics, Social Science, Science) will be taught at Da Vinci Academy with the purpose of developing strong academic skills. The method of delivering this education is through a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, with Art infused throughout the process.  Project based learning is a rigorous, engaging, and fun process where students are given challenges in the classroom which require the combined use of problem solving and academic skills. Research, collaboration, exploration, and access to experts is all part of this wonderful experience.

Technology In The Classroom

Da Vinci Academy will provide a high level of technology to our students. Students will be provided with a Chromebook, which will be used both at school and at home. A Maker Space lab and Science Technology classroom will be part of the regular daily instruction. Access to the internet, and to world class curriculum will be utilized on a daily basis. This is a connected academy!

How Do I Enroll My Student?

Applications for Da Vinci Academy are available once a year during the Spring.  Three are currently no open seats available for the 2018-19 school year.  Please check back next Spring for more information on when and how to apply for the following school year.