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Da Vinci Academy at Maywood Middle School

Why Da Vinci Academy?

Corning Elementary School District recognizes that there is a wealth of educational resources available to our students which can be accessed best through a project based learning model. Research has shown that STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) is incredibly effective at increasing student motivation and growth. Our experienced and highly trained teachers will bring academics alive by using technology and high quality materials to engage students in the learning process.  The Da Vinci Academy will truly be a special and immensely rewarding learning experience.

Our Purpose

Da Vinci Academy has been created to offer the best possible education for sixth and seventh grade students using Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics in a project based learning model. Students will explore and learn in an environment which encourages exploration, critical thinking, and use of technology. Electives such as Art will also be infused throughout the program. This will be a unique and exciting program, preparing students for college and career ready skills, in an environment where students are actively involved in all parts of their education. Each student will have access to technology (Chromebooks) which will be used for both in school learning and at home research and project work. Our mission is to inspire and empower successful learners!

What & How We Teach

All of the core subjects, (English Language/Arts, Mathematics, Social Science, Science) will be taught at Da Vinci Academy with the purpose of developing strong academic skills. The method of delivering this education is through a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, with Art infused throughout the process.  Project based learning is a rigorous, engaging, and fun process where students are given challenges in the classroom which require the combined use of problem solving and academic skills. Research, collaboration, exploration, and access to experts is all part of this wonderful experience.